Freedom on Four Wheels - The new Album by Kludo White. Volume 4 in the Camper Van Radio Vanthology Series. This is a modern day campervan themed masterpiece. Unique. Great songs well-written and crafted melodies, harmonies and superb singing, bassplaying, guitar, synth, drums et al by Kludo himself. "A Virtuoso performance from Kludo!" BBC6Music recommends- Kludo White, The Kludoman Surf Co. & Kludo White.
Freedom On Four Wheels - Vanthology CD Vol. 4.


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Freedom on Four Wheels - by Kludo - Reviews

By J Simpson - The Equal Ground

"Freedom On Four Wheels by Kludo White is a day in the life, or a life in a day, of a camper van expatriate. On this short extraordinary 12 track record, Kludo White explores the many different emotions that may come up on the average day of a campervan dweller/driver.
The record fairly drips sweat and condensation, while you can practically see the heat mirage of melting asphalt, as the psychedelic heat haze of "Sunrise (Summertime Sunshine)" kicks in, with its lush pop vocal harmonies, that bring to mind The Beatles' "Rain", paired with the windmill chords of The Who, or modern practitioners Guided By Voices. While a lot of people are down on guitar rock, adopting a "been there/done that" stance on the matter, Kludo White skips across this issue with a little bit of synth ambiance, updating the sound, making it more futuristic. Like The Flaming Lips, but less annoying.
"On The Road Again" brings to mind classic power pop like The Eagles "Take It Easy", and Tom Petty radio hits. The fuzz guitar is sweet and lodges in the ear and is pleasing as it sticks around for a while. Bare bones drumming and strummed acoustic guitar add up to more than the sum of their parts, as this has an immortal air about it.
"Freedom On Four Wheels", the title track really conveys the sense of driving into the sunset, with its Western country waltz vibe, and really does grow on you after a short time.
"Camper Daddy Blues"details the troubles of harried husbands, trying to sneak away from their families for a couple of days to drink beer. Reminded me of Bowie's electric takes on BB King/Muddy Waters blues stomp.
Things pull another crazy musical genre U-Turn towards the right direction again for "Sunset (Hawaiian Hopena)", which conjurs up a nice warm tropical beach to warm your heels on and stay awhile. Sweet Hawaiian slack key guitar makes for a legitimate luau feeling, as sunshiny chimes and piano come in from time to time. No singing, here, just an atmospheric little ditty, to leave you feeling fine.
You don't have to live in a van, or any kind of vehicle for that matter, to find great things about Freedom On Four Wheels. Forget about obligations and responsibilities; just open it up, and drive towards the sun."

Nov 2014


Ultra VW

"The recurring themes of Kludo's new Album are "Freedom" and "Living the Dream" with a Volkswagen as mission control. These are genuinely great driving songs - to sing along with and get your toes tapping. You can hear Kludo's musical influences - from The Who and The Beatles, to Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Happy Mondays, Traveling Wilburys, Stone Roses, Tom Petty, Beach Boys and there are references to classic Ska, Surf guitar instrumental and Hawaiian ukulele music. With influences like this it's easy to see why his music is becoming so popular with VW folk and at van shows. There's no "X Factor" nonsense about what Kludo is doing - it's real, it's genuinely entertaining and when you speak to him about it you can tell he's really enthusiastic about his art - what is sadly becoming a lost art; of creating an Album that people can listen to from beginning to end and enjoy the ride. Somehow - he's taken all of these influences and created his own sound on this album and it's infectious. Like playing a game of "spot the references" but cooler."

Paul Knight Ultra VW Magazine



" It's F***ing Brilliant - Five Big FAT Stars! This is Kludo's best album yet!"

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Freedom On Four Wheels
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