The Vanthology

"Timeless VW themed "Campervan" music for kids of all ages to make the journey more fun!" Coast

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The Camper Van Radio Albums, Volumes 1-4: "The Vanthology" Over 3 hours and 45 songs.

"A totally unique, magical mystery Rock & Roll Road trip in a funky freedom bus... pure escapism!"



Camper Van Radio - A celebration of Summer - Flip Flops, Frisbee, Beachlife, Surfing, Camping & Campervans. A satirical sixties style Pirate Radio show hosted by Captain K with madcap jingles. Features "Camper Van Driver", "Flip Flops Shorts & Shades" & "Hello, Hello!"

The Christmas Album - The Christmas Radio Show with 14 brand new sing-along Christmas songs including "Santa is a Surfer", "Sleeping in My Campervan this Christmas" "Who is Father Christmas?" & "Rudy the Red Nosed Campervan"

The Rust Pirate Revolution - Classic Rock guitar & edgy political lyrics that question the cult of celebrity, the dangers of TV, the lies of the media, the failure of government and the need for change in the way we think, live and work together in society. These are 21st Century Protest Rock songs. Includes "Things Must Change" "Mr Jones" "Everything You Know is Wrong" and "21st Century Blues".

Freedom on Four Wheels - 12 new driving songs that follow a day in a life of a campervan as Kludo's quest for truth and freedom on the open road in his campervan continue. Includes "The BBQ Song" "Home is where you park it" "Splitscreen Driver" "Breakdown" and "Camper Daddy Blues"


"Music for the road that turns any vehicle into a "virtual VW Campervan"

driving along a sundrenched, palm-lined, California coastline!"

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