"Camper Van Radio"
"The Rust Pirate Revolution"
"Freedom On 4 Wheels"
"The Christmas Album"


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"THE VANTHOLOGY" CD Album Collection.

Written, Performed and Produced by Kludo

These songs, sometimes written in, whilst driving, around, and (in some cases) recorded in a VW Campervan are about Campervans, life on the road, Ups and Downs of Campervan & Surfer life and living Free - It's for people to listen to in VW Campervans, whilst driving or in and around them!

A "virtual campervan ride" & musical adventure - A humorous exploration and celebration of the Four Seasons, of classic musical genres from retro surf guitar & beach boys harmonies, melodic beatles-style sixties power Pop, Blues Rock, 21st Century Mod, Glam Rock, Reggae, Classic Rock, Psychedelia, Folk Rock, Ska, Skiffle, Jazz, Ratpack Swing & Pythonesque, Surreal comedy.

"Sounds like Summer!" Mark Radcliffe, BBC 6Music

"This is a 4 CD Pop-Art-Campervan-Concept-Album-Extravaganza! BRILLIANT!" Ultra VW Magazine

"This Album - Freedom on 4 Wheels - fairly drips with sweat! You can feel the sticky tarmac under the wheels! Kludo has picked up the baton from classic rock artists and songwriters like The Who, The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, The Kinks, Bob Marley, John Lennon, ELO, The Beach Boys, Tom Petty & The Byrds and he's running with it!" 5* The Equal Ground

"Brilliant! The perfect soundtrack to Campervan life!" David Eccles, Camper & Commercial Magazine

"Powerful, lyrically provocative, brilliantly written contemporary alternative guitar rock music" Pete Townshend.

"Well sung, well written and well produced! Put it on the Jukebox in the Hardback Cafe!" Neil Innes, Monty Python, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band & The Rutles

"Brilliant Songs!" Edwyn Collins, Orange Juice

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