Who is Kludo White?

Kludo makes Music & Art with his own bare hands.

There are many faces to this man: he's a Musician, Actor & Artist. His personal passions & alternative perspective result in a lot of brightly coloured painted Artwork and vibrant musical outpourings that appeal to people of a certain disposition all over the world.

"My music & painting are my expressions of freedom. Art & music should be for everyone. My songs and pictures possess a sense of idealism: a rebellious, aggressive crusading spirit that I think people relate to. The world I create with sounds, words and pictures is the place where we are all living the dream."

Kludo paints, writes, records & produces music and runs his own studio. When he is not painting, writing and recording he is touring the UK as an Actor or Musician playing his own compositions.

Kludo is a Writer, Songwriter, Music Producer & Voice Over Artist. He sometimes has time to be a Teacher & Lecturer in Contemporary Music, Art & Combined Expressive Arts and as a motivational speaker.


In 2011 Kludo released The Summer Album "Camper Van Radio" on "Whitewater Records"

Released December 2012 "The Camper Van Radio Christmas Album"

His solo Rock Album "The Rust Pirate Revolution" is out now 2013.


In 2014 Kludo produced a new Album "Freedom on Four Wheels" to critical acclaim -

An album about Revolution, Freedom & life on the road. The fourth wheel in the Camper Van Radio "VANTHOLOGY" Series.

Available as a box set of four at www.campervanradio.com